Keep up with all of the updates made to the COD Mobile portion of the site here! All dates are based on the PST timezone.

May 12th 2020
  • The Chicoms long range damage was increased.
  • Corrected the M4LMG hitbox multipliers page. Previously it was stated you needed 2 headshots to get a 3 shot kill. It was found you actually need 3.

April 29th 2020 (S6 Additions)
  • Rust map was added with objectives.
  • ICR-1 Recoil has been reduced.
  • BK57 recoil has apparently been reduced. But results show nearly no change.
  • The GKS firerate stat went from 48->52 but in game testing confirmed the firerate is the same as before. 597 RPM.
  • The MSMC’s recoil has been minorly reduced. Although it appears the consistent recoil grip pattern has been changed.
  • The HVK’s 0-31m damage has been increased from 23 to 24. This won’t effect the normal shots/time to kill. Although now only 1 headshot is needed at this range to reduce shots/time to kill.
  • The HVK’s reload speed has been decreased from 2.50s/1.80s -> 2.30s/1.70s
  • The HVK’s recoil with a grip has been nerfed. It is no longer consistent and goes higher than before.
  • The UL736’s recoil was slightly changed. Based on recoil tests, it seems likeit has less of a tendancy to randomly jump side to side. You still will want to burst fire with this weapon.
  • The S36’s recoil was slightly changed. Based on recoil tests, it seems to be very minimally changed.
  • Oddly enough, the RPD recoils seems to have been made a LITTLE worse. It seem’s to have more side to side bounce. Even thought the patch notes say the recoil has been improved. Either that or there was basically no change.

April 28th 2020
  • The Cordite SMG was added with partial stats according to gun game testing. The rest will be filled out at a later time.
  • HawksNest started testing the Outlaw sniper rifle and other weapon adjustments. Changes will be added to the site soon. You can tell if a weapon is updated by checking here, or the date in the weapons “BASIC INFO” tab
April 25th 2020
  • The CODM Updates section was added.
  • Updated the maps UI to look neater.
April 24th 2020
  • The site is officially launched and a few missing graphics are corrected, including LK24 TTK, J358 missing TTK and DMG, and the RUS-79u TTK.
  • CODM Stats/Maps buttons are added to the home page.
April 16th 2020
  • All weapon and map stats/graphics are filled out on the site. At this time all stats are updated to correlate with the actual weapons within CODM.