• 1st – $250 + 10,000 CP
  • 2nd – $100 + 5,000 CP
  • 3rd – $50 + 2,500 CP
  • 4th – $50 + 2,500 CP


  • Regional Winners – 1,000 CP each
  • Regional Runner up – 500 CP each
  • Most Kills Total – $50 + 2,500 CP
  • 0 Deaths in a round (Stage 5 and beyond) – 250 CP


  • Stage 1 – 256 players. Sudden death.
  • Stage 2 – 128 players. Sudden death.
  • Stage 3 – 64 players. Sudden death.
  • Stage 4 – 32 players. Sudden death.
  • Regional Finals – 16 players. Best of 3.
  • Quarter Finals – 8 players. Best of 3.
  • Semifinals – 4 players. Best of 3.
  • Finals – 2 players. Best of 5. Watch the stream for your chance to win CP!
  • Champion – 1 player


  • Region – All regions allowed.
  • Device – Mobile phone or tablet. No emulators/controllers. Triggers are allowed.
  • Age – All ages are eligible.
  • Game – Global Call of Duty Mobile only.
  • Garena/Vietnamese/Korean CODM is not allowed.
  • Account Level – Minimum acccount level of 50.

In Game Rules:

  • No use of the SMRS.
  • No selecting launchers.
  • No use of the HBRa3 / RazorBack / KRM-262.
  • The map will always be Saloon
  • If sniper mode is selected, killing with a pistol/melee weapon is not allowed.
  • If sniper mode is selected, killing with an Arctic .50, XPR-50, or M21 EBR is not allowed.
  • No tripmines allowed.
  • No tactical scopes on snipers allowed. (Please have a sniper class ready)
  • No ghost perk allowed.
  • No nading/killing yourself. If it appears to be an accident, I will have the final decision. You can nade the enemy though.
  • Breaking any of these rules will result in an automatic loss. Counted at the end of the match.


  • There will be 8 regions. North America, South America, India, East Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Oceania. If you do not see your region. You will be representing the closest region to you.
  • After registering, 256 players will be randomly selected on livestream. 32 from each region.
  • These players will be contacted and a bracket will be formed, posted on this site.
  • On the specified dates, games will take place.
  • Stage 5 and beyond will be livestreamed on the youtube channel “HawksNest – COD Mobile”



  • Registering does not guarantee a spot within the tournament.
  • Using the button below. You can gain entries doing various tasks, increasing your chance of being allowed into the tournament.
  • After registering, 256 players will be randomly selected on livestream. 32 from each region.
  • Registration will be opened soon.


  • Brackets will be updated live on the page below.

Watch Live:

  • All livestreams will be on the youtube channel “HawksNest – COD Mobile”

More Info:

  • For the games where the enemies are different servers. The server will alternate. And if it goes to a tie breaker game, the host server will be that of the player with the most kills in matchup so far.
  • Prize money can be sent via paypal, cashapp, venmo, wire, giftcards, or another way agreed upon between both parties
  • For any games with money on the line, please screen record or record a handcam. This is useful if there’s any dispute of hacking/cheating. If there is no handcam or screenrecording and it appears a player is cheating. We will request CODM take a look at that players account before sending prize earnings.
  • Join the 1v1 Duel Tournament discord to discuss the tournament, ask questions, and get real time updates!
  • If you are looking to assist with this tournament as an event organizer. Please join the discord. HawksNest will be announcing info regarding this soon.